Why Join?

Intrested in Joining?

ONLY SAVHS students may join. If you are in the middle school, wait until you get to high school. If you don’t go to this school, Why did you think you could join?


We meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school in room 100. We also have competitions

Robo Benefits

  • We have snacks™.
  • Flexible Schedule. You can come for the entire meeting every meeting, or a few times a month.
  • No Experience needed
  • Lettering Hours
  • Fun Competitions (Also an excuse to skip school)
  • Small Team
  • We DON’T Just need programmers. We need people to design and build the robot, find sponsors, take and post photos, find new team members, and more.

Things we do

  • Design the robot
  • Build the robot
  • Program the robot
  • Media team (takes photos, posts them online, website)
  • Find Sponsors
  • Find New Members
  • And More